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Your Love Language

Do you recognize your love language? Do you have any idea, what is the love language of your nearest friend?

When Dr. Gary Chapman wrote his flagship book, The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts in 2014, he was addressing a principal cause of divorce globally. Too many of us do the blunder of believing that if something feels like love to us, it must be as important and influential a language of love to our significant other. But few is a marriage where both partners express the equal love language.

The solution?

Recognize your love language and that of your spouse or partner, and study to express the other’s language as fluently as you do your own.

What is my love language?

Possibly after seeing over the following list of the 5 love languages, you’ll previously have an idea which is yours. But it can’t hurt to get some confirmation.

If reasonable, take the Love Language Quiz with your spouse/partner. Of all the couples tests to take together, this one could make the biggest distinction. But if your important other doesn’t want to take the test, you could always choose — based on your activities together — and try expressing that love language for a while to see if it makes a real distinction.

  1. Words of Affirmation
  2. Quality Time
  3. Receiving Gifts
  4. Acts of Service
  5. Physical Touch

5 love languages list

How many ways are there to tell someone you like them? Dr. Gary Chapman modified the method people thought about emotions By writing the book “The 5 Language of Love”. This book explains our feelings when we feel love and support we show and share them with others. These 5 ways to give and get deep emotions are :

Words of affirmation

  • People who favor this language of love involve ones who require words that endure witness to love and kindness. These people appreciate hearing loving words and blessings. There is no doubt that words have huge power and leave a signature on our behavior. As cliché as it sounds, it is the fact. The language of affirmation carries huge power with it.
  • In this way of showing love, we can add, for example, love letters because it affects not only oral words but also printed words.

Quality Time

  • If you are or have ever been in a relationship, you are well conscious of how much it implies to give time to your important other. It is a straightforward way to show how we sense them. Having a fixed schedule, despite everything, we can get an available time to meet our loved ones.
  • We give our time to another person, so we also give personally and our attention. It doesn't mean what you do together. The only point that implies is that you give time to your loved ones. You give part of your life to them.

Receiving Gifts

  • Most of us wish to get or give gifts, no wondering. This is also how we can show our love for the other person. Of course, it doesn't have to be a costly gift. The movement itself and the love with which the gift is transferred are necessary.
  • It is regarding getting to understand the other person entirely, getting closer to them by gifts. This only implies that they are a process of showing love, but it should also be figured that they cannot be a reason to get something.

Acts of Service

  • The last of the languages of love, but as powerful as the others: loyalty. To interpret this language as easily as possible, we will practice the example of being together. When you live with a chosen one, you signify the holy language by making a meal, considering for the house, and worrying for the other person when they require it.
  • It is these most innocent actions that witness the love that is carried on to the other person.

Physical Touch

This type of love language focuses on nonverbal interaction through physical sense – hugs, pats, kisses, hand-holding, etc.; this is a straight way of showing love and love as a form of reassurance and calming.

Love language quiz for singles

Who says that love is just for couples! This quiz will assist you to discover how to easily give and get love from others. It doesn’t matter if you’re dating or wedded, currently single, or seeking to develop individually. Exercise this funny test and attempt to get to understand yourself completely. Memorize that it’s never late to get the best method to like and interact with others because emotions are the best remedy!

The bottom line

Everyone's got a personality, and everyone's got a love language, too. If you notice yourself frustrated or unappreciated in your relationship, you could have a love language mismatch with bae. Wherever you and your partner are true now, don’t sweat it. Make small changes to your relationship to fill that gap and reach your relationship goals, together.

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